Marwari Dictionary

List of Marwari Dictionaries


Dictionaries can be monolingual or bilingual. In monolingual dictionaries, the word as well as its definitions are presented in the same language. On the other hand, a bilingual dictionary contains translations of the words of the first language into the second language.

We have started with preparing a bilingual Marwari to English dictionary. Why? Because we feel that with this approach, we can quickly reach out to the English speakers who wish to learn Marwari language.

Of course, we will also try to prepare a bilingual English to Marwari dictionary. You too can help us to contribute to the community.

List of Marwari Dictionaries

  1. Marwari-English dictionary
  2. English-Marwari dictionary (WIP)
  3. Marwari-Hindi dictionary (planned)
  4. Hindi-Marwari dictionary (planned)
  5. Marwari dictionary (planned) (monolingual)

WIP: Work in Progress

Long-term Vision

Read our plan on Github on how we aim to implement these extensively comprehensive Marwari Dictionaries.