Marwari Meaning of राब raab

राब का मारवाड़ी अर्थ, raab Marwari meaning, define raab in Marwari, raab ka Marwari arth, meaning of raab in Marwari, राब का मारवाड़ी भाषा में अर्थ, राब का मेवाड़ी अर्थ, राब का मेवाड़ी भाषा में अर्थ, raab ka Mewari arth, राब ka Mewari bhasha mein arth, raab का मेवाड़ी अर्थ

Nov 12, 2021
Nov 12, 2021

राब (raab) noun


masculine singular

Marwari meanings of राब (raab) in English

  1. A traditional food preparation made from Curd and Maize.


Raab can be consumed hot or at room temperature.

  • In some parts of Rajasthan, instead of maize (corn), jowar and bajra are also used.
  • In Gujarat, it’s mostly made from Bajra.

In some areas of Rajasthan also refer to “पलेव ( Palev )” as Raab. Paleev is similar to Raab but it’s made from Rice.

It is served with Daal Bati.

Marwari declension of noun → राब (raab)
singular plural
direct राब raab राब raab
oblique राब raab राबा raabā
vocative राब raab राब raab


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    2. Singular noun
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